About House Valur


House Valur is a Vampyre family group based in South Africa. The House was founded on February 10, 2010 by Octarine Valur – founder of the South African Vampyre Community – and has played a dynamic role as the driving force behind the growth and development of the South African Vampyre subculture and community ever since.

As part of this drive to develop the SA VC, the House manages several projects, such as the Vampyre Culture Center, the Vampyre Academy, The Vampyre History Project and the South Africa Vampyre Alliance, among others.

“Valur” is an old Icelandic word for Gyrfalcon, a bird of prey, the largest of the falcon species. The House maxim “Occupo Nox Noctis” is Latin, which means “Occupy The Night”.

House Valur holds to the Totum Lex Vampyrica (Whole Vampyric Law), which was developed by HV itself. We do expect members to abide by the House Law as a condition of membership. The House also adheres to the principles and ethos set out in the Vampi(y)re Declaration of Community.

What Are We About?

What is a Vampyre? Why do some people believe they are Vampyres? What do Vampyres believe?

We do not view being a Vampyre as a religion in itself, so Vampyres can believe anything they want to, just like the Shinai do. We view Vampyres and being vampyric as being a cultural identity group.

It is because of certain needs, experiences and beliefs that we call ourselves by the name “Vampyre” – although we also use other names, such as “Muttaliku”, “Nightkind” and “Kindred”, and gather together as kindred spirits, searching for answers and providing each other with support and friendship.

The House As A VC Entity:

We are a group for Vampyres – that is vampyric people who have a real need to feed on life energy in order to remain healthy and balanced.

The House is not biased towards or against any particular religion, and is secular by constitution.

Vampyres are welcomed into the House through a set process, regardless of what religion they follow.

Please note that being a supporter of our various blogs or a member of our Facebook group or the Real Vampire Forum does NOT constitute being a House member or a member of the Valur family.

Members shall display “Valur” as part of their nightside names to indicate their lineage and shall be listed publicly on this web resource.

We do not accept unsolicited requests for membership.