House Valur is made up of Covens. Each Coven is led by its founding Primus. The members of each Coven answer to their Primus. All the Primi report to the head of the House, the Maester. The Primi of all the Covens together with the Maester of the House decide policy of the House, and the Primi of the Covens carry out policy within the Covens.


Covens which make up House Valur:

Sigil Coven d'Eir

House Valur grew beyond it’s own initial membership, which spanned across South Africa – and some of the members also began to establish their own groups. At that point, the House reached maturity, and the membership was subdivided into Covens, each based in whichever area they found themselves in.

  • Coven Veritas (Mintaka) Coven Veritas was founded within House Valur on November 08, 2014, headed by House founder and Maester, the Lady Octarine Valur (aka Val). The coven has a bold logo, and has adopted the slogan “In verum ibi libertas” which is Latin for “In truth there is liberty”.
  • Coven d’Eir (Turais) Coven d’Eir was founded by Lunah Valur Eir, one of the Lady Valur’s childer, in early November 2013. Along with her dear friends and fellow coven members, the coven and its foundation was built from the ground up. “Coven d’Eir identifies as a real Vampyre coven and although secular, practices many of the craft beliefs familiar to Wiccans. We are however open and accepting of all religions as well as Otherkin and Shinai. “Eir” in Norse mythology is a goddess and/or valkyrie associated with medical skill. Our slogan is “Nocturnae Sumus, Lux Conquisitor” which is Latin, meaning “Nocturnal are we, Seekers of the Light”.
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