Coven Veritas

Coven Veritas is based in Port Elizabeth and was established on November 08, 2014. By November 14 it already boasted 4 members from the surrounding area. By April 2016, despite a few losses due to economic disasters and member relocations, the Coven is still going strong.

Coven Veritas is a part of House Valur, headed by House founder and Maester, the Lady Octarine Valur (aka Val). The coven has a bold logo, and has adopted the slogan “In verum ibi libertas” which is Latin for “In truth there is liberty”.

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The Stygian Court, a social gathering, is managed and steered by this Coven.

What is Coven Veritas?

This is a private group of individuals who have formed a friendship covenant in the Port Elizabeth area, with a focus on the self-identification of some members in the group as Vampyres. It is a social group, not a religious group, in fact among the members and within the ceremonies and rituals conducted within the group, will be enough material, beliefs and practices to mark it as resoundingly eclectic.

“In Roman mythology, Veritas, meaning truth, was the goddess of truth, a daughter of Saturn and the mother of Virtue.” – Wikipedia

Val is the founder and Maester of this group, and will act as its Chair, Organizer and effectively, its leader. However, this group will be operating chiefly on a “round-table” principle. There will be no ‘ring-kissing’, ‘brown-nosing’ or other internal politics or drama.

Of the origin of the name of the Coven, Val said:

“While this sounds awfully serious, the actual ‘veritas‘ is that after a long think, I decided on “Coven Veritas” because of the play on words in the saying “in vino et veritas” (in wine there is truth), where I usually say “in veritas et vino” (in truth there is wine)…. and it’s a saying I use whenever I enjoy wine with friends, and point at the glass and say “In veritas et vino – and look, there it is!

We are all adults, and we are expected to act like adults. There are set-down expectations and duties to be fulfilled to the group, and if anyone here is not willing to contribute their time and effort to meet their commitments, then they should do the adult thing right here and right now, to decline the invitation to membership being offered to them.

Some of the activities the Coven will be engaging in include meeting for movie-nights, outings to coffee-shops/restaurants, eclectic spiritual meetings (Esbats & Sabbats), attending local Pagan events (drumming, Pagan Freedom Day etc) as Coven Veritas and so on.

The Coven will also be engaging in charity events, raising funds, hosting or organizing boot sales, collecting items for donation to select charities etc.

Management of the Stygian Court (a more public social circle for local friends of Vampyres) will also be shifted from House Valur to Coven Veritas so that we will be managing the growth and development of the local VC subculture in our area. That means the occasional mixed ‘open-house’ meeting with outsiders, and the monthly movie nights/ braai/ annual balls or parties etc will include non-members of the Coven.

Members of the Coven will need to:

1) Keep deadlines or targets set, keep the covenant to attend meetings, keep to agreements committed to. What happens in the Coven, stays in the Coven. Protect each other, look out for each other, help and support and respect each other.

2) Engage in the study, discussion and/or practice of Vampyre culture/nature etc. Vampyre members will be expected to share information about Vampyre nature/culture/practices etc in a training/teaching sense to newcomers or to occasional presentations to ‘open house’ situations, and if they choose to, are permitted to take a learner who has awakened, as an apprentice.

3) Honesty, first and foremost within the Coven. If you feel you may be a Vampyre of any particular sub-type or feeding method, or even another kind of Otherkin, say so. If not, say so. You will not be advantaged or disadvantaged because of your nature.

4) The Coven will abide by the Totum Lex Vampyrica, the Law of the Vampyre Nation. Being familiar with this law is a requirement, so that as a Coven we will remain within the Law. (…/the-totum-lex-vam…/)

NO MEMBER WILL BE FORCED TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY PRACTICE THEY DO NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH, or be made to feel guilt for choosing not to participate.

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