What’s In A Name?

(Originally posted June 20, 2011) There are people in society who need scapegoats and fallguys. Whoever they are, social conservatives or religious fundamentalists, they create enemies out of minority groups in order to maintain the illusion that there is some kind of threat against their continued position of privilege in society and maintain the status quo. This illusion inspires fear and fervor and from it, action against the perceived threat and consequently, unity and growth in the group. More


ANNOUNCEMENT: The Vampi(y)re Declaration of Community: An introduction.

(Originally posted January 18, 2011) ANNOUNCEMENT: The Vampi(y)re Declaration of Community: An introduction.

Since the advent of what we today call the OVC (Online Vampi(y)re Community), and over the past few months, there have been incidents where individuals have sought to exploit weaknesses in the VC which rest on deep-seated and long-standing divisions between various groupings which form part of the Vampi(y)re Community. As most of us are already aware, these groupings have formed around and been based upon the different feeding methods employed by Sang, PSI and Hybrid Vampi(y)res.  More

A Simple Exchange Of Information

(Originally posted January 17, 2011) A few weeks ago I saw an article about Vampyres which had been posted by somebody who clearly had no idea what they were talking about. In retrospect, I found this article and the comments to be an interesting take on the outside view of the Vampyre Community. It was written by somebody who had only just been introduced to the idea that there are real Vampyres out there, and even more amazingly that there are enough of them out there, that they even think of themselves as a community!  More