The International Vampi(y)re Alliance (IVA)

The International Vampyre Alliance was an early project of the House aimed at bringing together Houses and VC organizations from all over the world, and at being a corporate representative body for the global community of real Vampyres, or in simpler terms, for those around the world who identify as real vampyric people.

However, as many know today, there is an incredible amount of resistance to change in the international community wrt to the topic of global interaction and even community representation – with an astonishing amount of paranoiac suspicion voiced at “attempts to unify or ‘rule'” the Vampyre Community.

The House considers this project to be in stasis, as the concept was and remains sound, and reserves the right to resume work on this goal in future.

The actual function of the IVA was to have been “to facilitate communication and cohesion between international Houses and groups within the community – and to act as a global body for the best interests of all Vampyres in pursuing acceptance, dispelling ignorance and achieving recognition for our kind as an identity group within the broader ambit of Human Rights.

The IVA strives to be a mainstream representative body, aiming to have recognition and support of the broader Vampyre community as well as the recognition of Mundane society.

It is the intention of this group to liaise with Mundane groups on various issues, such as making statements on crime reports where stereotyping or scapegoating or other errors of judgment may occur, to perform clarification and education of what Vampyres are or do, and to execute this in a rational and logical manner with a medical, sociological and scientific basis.

It will therefore also be a major function of this group to gather such medical, sociological and scientific data, where available, to this end – and to gather and keep statistics of incidents of hate crime, prejudice and intolerance against members of our community. Conversely, we will also keep record of incidents where crimes are alleged to have been perpetrated by members of the Vampyre Community.

The concise description of the International Vampyre Alliance is therefore: A collective body of serious Vampyre Groups, Houses, Covens and Havens working together towards the goal of the recognition of the Vampyre Community as a valid identity group internationally, and to facilitate acceptance and tolerance of diversity and our community within society as a whole within the scope of the broader Human Rights movement.”

The IVA had several international Houses as members, being: House Valur (SA founder member), House of Havoc (SA), Order of the Raven (USA), Temple of Nyx (USA), House Byron (Spain).

Click here to visit the IVA forum.




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