Pactum (House Dedication Ceremony) 20120427


This is the Dedication ceremony of  the House Valur, enacted by all local members in attendance at the coven meeting held on 27 April 2012.

The House was formed in February 2010, and the ceremony was intended to be held much sooner, but circumstances prevented this from occurring until early 2012. Planned for 24 March, it also had to be postponed for 27 April. Consequently, it has been modified to reflect the present circumstances and to acknowledge recent events and achievements of the House and the Primus of the House.

The broad structure however can be applied to any new coven or House seeking a ceremony to dedicated the founding of their group, and as is the custom, a time after the group has begun to meet or function as a unit.

You will notice that the Primus is referred to as Founder for the first part of the ceremony. This indicates that the Primus is not yet officially or ritually acknowledged as Primus, or leader of the Group. However, at the time of this ritual acknowledgement, the Founder becomes recognized as  Primus.

The Dedication Ceremony: 

Those participating in the ceremony (preferably all local members of the group, in ritual or appropriate dress) form a circle. At the start of the ceremony, the Primus enters the circle and stands at its center.

Founder: “Friends, Kin, Vampyres. I wish to speak!”

Circle: “Why have you called us here?”

Founder: “I have called you, my friends, as my community , to seek our togetherness in all things which draw us closer.”

Circle: “Speak, friend. We will hear you.”

Founder: “I have sought you out, my Kin, as those who have experienced life as I have, as those I have come to know and trust, and to seek our continued kinship.

Circle: “Speak, Kin. We will hear you.”

Founder: “I seek to share our burdens and our joys, to ease our hardships and walk this world together with you, in darkness and in light – and to seek our union as a vampyric House.”

Circle: “Speak, Founder. We will hear you.”

Primus: “I am (Name) [Octarine Valur], (House Position, Ranks and Titles) [Magister of Mintaka Halo, and Founder of the SAVA]. I have come to show you my heart and to call upon you to form this House with me.”

Founder: “I awakened to darkness in blinding light, alone.”

Circle: “We know the darkness. We know the light. Together we will find our way.”

Founder: “I have awakened to questions and sought my own answers.”

Circle: “We have knowledge to share. Together we will find our own truths.”

Founder: “I have Hungered and Thirsted alone.”

Circle: “We know that of which you speak. Together we will Hunger and Thirst no more.”

Founder: “Yes, together.”

Circle: “What do you ask of us?”

Founder: “I ask you to join with me, as a vampyric House.”

Circle: “What shall be our Law? Speak its name.”

Founder: “The Totum Lex Vampyrica, the law of the Vampyre nation.”

Circle: “Where will we carry it?”

Founder: (Touches head) “In our thoughts.” (Touches lips) “In our words.” (Holds up hands) “In our deeds.”

Circle: “Do you honor the whole of this Law?”

Founder: “I abide by it.”

Circle: “What will be the name of this House?”

Founder: “I give it my name, House Valur.”

Circle: “We welcome you, (Vampyre name) as our Kindred brother/sister. We invite you to take your place among us, as Primus of House Valur.”

(The Primus retrieves from the ground, a chalice containing a small mixture of red wine infused with essence from the circle and raises it with both hands to begin the Blood Oath.)

Primus: “I, Octarine Valur, solemnly do vow to my House-mates and to my Kin, loyalty, duty and honor in all things, my whole life through. Our blood is one blood. Should I fail you, we will all fail. I will not fail you.”

Primus: “This is my blood, my precious life. It is the symbol of all that I am. With my blood oath I swear these vows are written upon my soul, so that I carry them always with me. I am bound by this oath from this night on, til eternity come.”

(The Primus passes the chalice WITHOUT drinking from it, to the next most senior member, who repeats the same process, until the chalice returns to the Primus. The Primus then raises the chalice with both hands and says:)

Primus: “Essence of the mundane world, to represent our ties to it, our inherent humanity and the gifts of those who sustain us.”

Circle: “So that we never forget it.”

Primus: “Essence of the Vampyre world, to represent our inherent nature and the responsibility that comes with it.”

Circle: “So that we may embrace it.”

Primus: “The chalice, to represent our community and our symbiotic union.”

Circle: “So that we may honor and cherish it.”

Primus: “We are of one breath,” (Circle repeats, as Primus has first sip) “We are of one blood,“ (Circle repeats, as chalice is passed to next member who has second sip) “We are of one House.” (Circle repeats, as chalice is passed to next member who has next sip. This repeats until all have had one sip.)

Primus: (Announces) “I present to you, House Valur. Long may we live, long may we prosper.”

House: “Long may we live. Long may we prosper.”

(The ceremony is ended, the circle is dissolved.)

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