The Vampyre Academy

The aim of this entity is to research, collect and understand as far as possible, the sum-total of history, culture, and information pertaining to Vampyre-kind, and to develop the concept of modern Vampyre culture in South Africa.

The center of this research is the the Vampyre Culture Center, which lays out the sum of known vampyric culture from various places around the world, and also that which currently exists in South Africa.

The Vampyre History Project (The Secret History of the Vampyre) which examines references to Vampyre-kind in recorded Shinai (mundane) history, and which also records events which have taken place in the recent modern Vampyre Community history also falls under this project.

Future goals include providing distance-education for members of the VC in terms of skills development and education for use within the VC, both locally and internationally.


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  1. Ricu Schutte
    Sep 06, 2014 @ 20:15:11

    I’m very interested in your culture and have a lot of questions …. Invite me on bbm if its possible . [pin no removed]


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