House Valur Announcement: Consolidation Into Family

HVAs of today, members of the esteemed House Valur will act as one family within the Vampyre Community.

In what is hoped to be the first example of its kind in the South African Vampyre Community, the House membership will consolidate its VC-related assets into one grouping, creating something not unlike a conventional family structure, and harking also after similar House/Coven structures abroad.

In 2010, Octarine Valur founded the House Valur and since then has taken several Fledglings under her mentorship. Of those she mentored first-hand, and also those mentored by her childer – including Covens thus far founded by them – will henceforth, by mutual agreement, be linked to the House. The bond uniting the House is the bond of family.

A family stands together, protecting one another, promoting one another’s interests and nurturing one another.

In simple terms, this means that House Valur will no longer be a simple membership-only organization, but will now contain the entire lineage of Octarine Valur, and that all of these individuals will be adding the name ‘Valur’ to their Vampyre names to denote their membership in this family.

Coven d’Eir, a prestigious group in its own right – with an impressive reputation in local VC and Pagan social circles – is now also linked to House Valur by ties of blood, and although it will not be an integral part of House Valur in an organizational or hierarchical sense, it will be part of the House in terms of all its members being part of the Valur family and bearing the Valur name.

Very important to mention, is the point that this Coven will not however, forfeit in any way its own unique identity or right to act in its own interests.

This grand unification symbolizes a consolidation of the House itself, and also a reaffirmation of the House system in the South African Vampyre Community.

As a unified House, we wish to see other Houses, Covens and groups in our community follow our example in what we believe to be a big step forward in building our local community.

The Mantra of the Living Vampyre

I am a living Vampyre, gifted with an affinity for energy and a need to consume it.

I do not need to cause harm to feed, nor to take it by force,
For there are those who will give of themselves freely at my request.
I grant anyone I ask for help the right to refuse to help me, should they choose it,
Just as I reserve the right to choose to help those it is within my power to help.
I cherish those who choose to sustain me, in gratitude for their kindness.

I know that everyone has a dark side, and that mine is no darker than most.
I know that I have a shadow, just as everyone has a shadow.
I know that if I do not walk in light, I walk in shadow, without light.
I cannot walk in light without casting a shadow, and my shadow cannot exist unless I walk in light
I accept that it is by my shadow that I shall know the light.
As a Vampyre, I walk the line between the light and the shadow, and at times, astride it.

I know that though I am one, those like me are many – as I also know that through our Communion, the many are one.
I understand that alone I am strong, but together with others like me, I am stronger.
I hold myself accountable for my actions, as I hold others accountable for theirs.

I do not call myself “monster”, because monster is, as monster does.
The Beast is a monster, but I am not the Beast.
The Thirst is strong, but I am stronger.
Though I suffer in Thirst, I am more than this.

I am a Vampyre, but I am also human as well.

New News Site for the SA Vampyre Community

(Originally posted July 7, 2011) For a long time local vamps have had to look elsewhere to find news about the Vampyre Community, and for a long time they would only see news about foreign communities and events. All that is about to change with the launch of SA Vampyre News on June 13, 2011. More

What’s In A Name?

(Originally posted June 20, 2011) There are people in society who need scapegoats and fallguys. Whoever they are, social conservatives or religious fundamentalists, they create enemies out of minority groups in order to maintain the illusion that there is some kind of threat against their continued position of privilege in society and maintain the status quo. This illusion inspires fear and fervor and from it, action against the perceived threat and consequently, unity and growth in the group. More

So You Wanna Be A Vampire Hunter?

(Originally posted June 1, 2011) “I don’t want PEOPLE to fear me. I want VAMPIRES to fear me.” ~ Just the Vampire Hunter.
“I don’t fear you… but then I suppose we all want things we can’t have.” ~ Me. More

Redrafted Charter of the Vampi(y)re Judicial Council

(Originally posted May 25, 2011) Over the past few weeks there has been an intense debate about theVampi(y)re Judicial Council (VJC). Much of this debate led to a complete redraft of the the Charter, and the setting up of a forum to act as a platform for the VJC within the Community.  The forum is here. The redraft is presented below: More

Introducing the Vampi(y)re Judicial Council to the Vampi(y)re Community

(Originally posted May 11, 2011) A brief explanation of the Charter of the VJC, and an invitation to Groups and individuals within the VC to participate as members. (Drafted by Octarine Valur, with grateful recognition of Wraiths, Ryu Noctem Aeternus, Deacon Gray, and Sylivia for their input.) More

Caveat Emptor

(Originally posted April 12)

It’s amazing that when people post a list of common sense guidelines, how many people open their mouths about how “unnecessary” it is – in the face of the obvious facts that it is quite necessary. More

Can There Be A VC Without Laws?

(Originally posted March 17, 2011) In the past I have engaged in a few debates about community rules and guidelines and so forth. Mostly these have devolved into rants, arguments and personal attacks, with people making accusations back and forth about “role-playing” and “life styling” and what is or isn’t good for the real Vampi(y)re community and its delicately balanced public image. Many good points are made on both sides, and some prompted me to dwell on the problem: can the VC continue to exist and grow and prosper without rules? More

Use of “V”-word In Crime Reports Bad For VC Image

(Originally posted February 10, 2011) Most people don’t see any harm in criminals and sociopaths being associated with Dracula and other fictional vampires – after all, it seems fitting sometimes, doesn’t it? Most reporters who do that, don’t really believe there are real vampires out there – they’re the stuff of fiction, aren’t they? Well, maybe…  But there is a global community of people who identify as real Vampi(y)res – and it doesn’t take a PHD to figure out that every time public media associates a crime with the real Vampi(y)re community, that this will make us look bad.


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