Roaring 20’s With A Hint Of Vampyre 20130201

House Valur hosted a small party for a blend of invited local Kin and Shinai friends in February 2013. The theme for the event was “The Roaring 20’s With A Hint Of Vampire”. The description for the event follows:

Roaring 20’s With A Hint Of Vampire”Hello friends! Join me at “Casa Valur” for a frightfully good 1920’s vampire theme party. Bring a partner, something (or someone) to drink – and well, I’ll leave any comments about what meat to bring to your imagination. Come rub cold shoulders with creatures of the night – who is a Vampire, who isn’t, will you guess it right? Mwahahahaha *Insert theatrical clap of thunder here* Please Bring: Your own meat and drinks. The House will provide salads, cold drinks and champagne. Dress: 1920’s theme (gangster, flapper etc) with a hint of vampire! Prizes for best looking outfit/look. Come dressed, or miss out! “Vampires pretending to be humans pretending to be vampires … How avant-garde!” – The Vampire Chronicles.”

This is the second event of this type we have hosted in our area, and we hope to make it an annual affair to boost offline interaction. This year’s event was an even bigger success than the previous one.

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