The Potential For Good vs Evil In The Vampi(y)re Community – A Dissertation by Octarine Valur

Vampyres. Real living human Vampyres, not the mythical fictional variety or the lifestyler – real people who have a natural deficiency of some sort and who must feed on diverse energy forms, including that found in blood (with deference also to those who do not ascribe to the notion of energy being the necessary element contained in human blood) in order to maintain a healthy balance. We see ourselves as a unique group, both part of the human condition – and in some ways detached or separate from it at the same time.



The Mantra of the Living Vampyre

I am a living Vampyre, gifted with an affinity for energy and a need to consume it.

I do not need to cause harm to feed, nor to take it by force,
For there are those who will give of themselves freely at my request.
I grant anyone I ask for help the right to refuse to help me, should they choose it,
Just as I reserve the right to choose to help those it is within my power to help.
I cherish those who choose to sustain me, in gratitude for their kindness.

I know that everyone has a dark side, and that mine is no darker than most.
I know that I have a shadow, just as everyone has a shadow.
I know that if I do not walk in light, I walk in shadow, without light.
I cannot walk in light without casting a shadow, and my shadow cannot exist unless I walk in light
I accept that it is by my shadow that I shall know the light.
As a Vampyre, I walk the line between the light and the shadow, and at times, astride it.

I know that though I am one, those like me are many – as I also know that through our Communion, the many are one.
I understand that alone I am strong, but together with others like me, I am stronger.
I hold myself accountable for my actions, as I hold others accountable for theirs.

I do not call myself “monster”, because monster is, as monster does.
The Beast is a monster, but I am not the Beast.
The Thirst is strong, but I am stronger.
Though I suffer in Thirst, I am more than this.

I am a Vampyre, but I am also human as well.

Truth And Dare

(Originally posted December 15, 2010) Hello everyone – My name is Octarine, and I’m a Vampyre. No really. Don’t let that fool you though – I’m really an okay gal. A little pale, maybe – perhaps a little shy – but I don’t bite exactly. Being a vampire – or Vampyre, as some of us like to spell it, has its upside and downside –  but hey, doesn’t everything? More

Change Is Good

(Originally posted October 25, 2010)

Someone asked me some questions the other day about being a Vampyre, someone younger, who has been solitary up till that point, in the knowledge that they are different  They said they were tired of Mundane society, and so disappointed in how they percieve it to be cold and cruel and devoid of caring.  More

To The Lab, To The Lab!

(Originally posted October 3, 2010) How many people have thought of a cure for vampyrism? How many vamps themselves have broached this thorny topic? And even if such a “cure” were made available, would we take it? Would you? Would I? I’m not so sure.

This week I discussed the issue with a friend of mine who is fascinated with Vampyres and the ways science and medicine could be used to help us, or to prove scientifically to the world that there is credence to those who identify themselves as Vampyres. More

The Meaning Of Eternal Life

(Originally posted September 27, 2010) I’ve been thinking about something lately, it’s been worrying me. Perhaps you can help me out. I know Vampyres are mortal, we can die, we can be killed, we’re not supposed to live forever, be ageless etc, etc… but suppose – just suppose – some of us are? What if? What then? Now, before you accuse me of being delusional or even of role-playing, please hear me out. Let’s speak hypothetically. More

Vampyres – Predators of Mundanes?

(Originally posted September 23, 2010) Recently I read an interesting item called the Vampire Creed, which at its core raises the Vampyre up as a deity, who acts as a predator. It is used by several neo-pagan religious groups as a central ethos or principle of their Houses or covens, and I have quoted it below: More

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