House History


January: Octarine Valur researches the Vampyre community in South Africa and can find hardly any trace of a support structure. At the time, most local Vampyres are active on foreign community forums in the US and UK. She decides to establish a real Vampyre House.

February 10: Founding of House Valur as a real Vampyre House, by Octarine Valur. A facebook group is set up in an attempt to locate and network with local South African Vampyres. Contact is made with several individuals.

February 13: Creation of a Vampyre blog on

May 19: Creation of an online forum to serve the international real Vampyre community and to find local South African real Vampyres at the location of the House.

September 5: Drafting of a new law of the community for use in the South African context, due to dissatisfaction with the “Black Veil”. A new draft called “the Totum Lex Vampyrica” (The Whole Vampyric Law) is drawn up. It is posted on several forums for comment and refined.

September 10: The drafting and adoption of secular House rituals (Pacta Sunt Servanda, and Primoris Annus Lamia) for use within the House.

September 15: The draft of the Totum Lex Vampyrica is adopted by House Valur as House Law.

October 12: House Valur and House of Havoc open relations and begin sharing information with the goal of building the South African Vampyre/Therian/Otherkin community.

October 20: House Valur is recognized within the Vampire Nation Concord (VNC) as an official ambassador for the South African VC.

October 21: A draft of a series of 6 volumes (165 A4 pages in all) in the internal House training document “The Fledgling Vampyre’s Guide” is completed.

October 22: The VNC gradually begins to descend into confusion and argument indicating that the group, purporting to represent the real Vampyre Community, is plagued by a liberal infusion of role-playing gamers.  This appears to be partly the result of poor membership entry control and grandiose role-playing practices, such as the adoption of medieval titles, accompanied by claims of royalty and bloodlines. The indulgent nature of the group appears to encourage role-playing.

October 23: One member of the VNC in particular, Prince Arnold (aka Prince Seth) makes astounding claims on the group about Vampyre hunter groups secretly hunting Vampyres, that he is negotiating for group recognition with the UN – and most astonishing of all, that PSI Vampyres have suddenly begun to experience blood cravings as a result of “the magnetic poles of the Earth shifting”. The VNC appears split down the middle, with as many Kin criticizing the post as blatant role-playing, and “laughable fantasy” – as those who appear to show him support.

October 26: Instead of asserting their authority to indicate that the VNC is a group intending to represent the real Vampyre Community, the leadership of the group in the form of the Contessa panders to the role-players, indulging in their ridiculous fantasies and causing a large number of prominent real VC figures to leave the group.

October 27: House Valur resigns from the Vampire Nation Concord (VNC). The head of the House, Octarine Valur states: “It seems a lot of confusion and discontent brewing on the VNC group has finally boiled over. It is my personal view that the VNC as a representative organization for the real Vampyre community, is at this stage completely dysfunctional, generally giving the organization and the community a bad name, and causing it to fail completely in its intended purpose – that of representing and uniting the international Vampyre community.” “House Valur is therefore pulling out of the VNC, and will continue to pursue the goals originally advertised by this group, by other means.”

A schism occurs within the Vampyre Nation Concord (VNC), with some members on the main council opting to form a new group focusing on the narrower focus of the international Vampyre community, and without the interference of unchecked role-players, life-stylers and “free-radicals” who have plagued the VNC from the outset. This split is the result of discontent, largely with the disorganized way the group has been run, and the conduct of some of its representatives. The VNC continues to exist, although in reduced capacity, and without any formal recognition from the broader Vampyre community. It continues to be viewed with skepticism and as a LARP group.

House Valur co-founds the US-based International Vampyre Alliance (IVA). House of Havoc, another South African group, also leaves the VNC and crosses over to the IVA.

December 21: Mistwolf, from the Spanish VC, representing an online community publication called “Noctalium”, obtains permission from House Valur to translate and use the Totum Lex Vampyrica in order to introduce it to Spain and Spanish-speaking south American countries. Permission is also given for the Vampyre History Project to be translated and made available in Spanish.


January: Octarine Valur participates in a joint project with notable members of the US VC and the result is The Vampi(y)re Declaration of Community, released on 18 January.

March 18: House Valur is welcomed into the Dark Nations and Octarine Valur acts as representative for the House, with Gabrielle Draegan as her Secundus.

May 21: The House and in particular, two of its members Octarine Valur and Gabrielle Draegan, are instrumental in the formation of the South African Vampyre Alliance (SAVA), which forms an umbrella body to galvanize the fragmented young SA VC.


January 13: South Africa – Octarine Valur opens a semi-public open group on Facebook called “Friends of the South African Vampire” as an open meeting place for those drawn to the icon of the vampire, those who enjoy the vampire aesthetic, people who indulge in the vampire lifestyle, people who believe they are vampires, and vampires who believe they are people, to network, discuss and chat about anything relating to vampires and vampirism. All are welcome, dependent on following the rules. The goal of the group is to stimulate growth in the local VC, regardless of whether participants are members of the SAVA. The group membership is diverse.

January 23: The South African Vampyre Culture Center is founded (by House Valur) in order to create and manage an open and public reference to South African Vampyre culture. Intended primarily for use by awakening or solitary Vampyres seeking the community, the resource also caters for use by mundanes and other non-Vampyres curious about Vampyres and Vampyre culture in South Africa. One of the main aims of the resource is to refer seekers to the community, and also to dispel misconceptions maintained by mundanes and general critics who are ignorant of Vampyres, what we are, what we do – what is true and false – and the ins and outs of our sub-culture.

February 08: A new site for House Valur is created, alongside sister sites for the SA Vampyre Culture Center and SAVA – and the original Blogspot blog is decommissioned.

February 10: The VVC (Voices of the Vampire Community) inducts Octarine Valur, Primus of House Valur and Magister of Mintaka Halo in South Africa, as a member. She is among the latest international members of the VC to be selected. The US-based body aspires to work in the interests of the Vampyre Community, and to improve networking and relations within the community. When the news is announced locally it is received positively by the SA VC.

June 12: The High Council of the SAVA recognizes Octarine Valur, regarded widely as the Founder of the SA Vampyre Community, and agrees to the creation of the post of Regent of the SAVA, a post which will exist to maintain stability in the organisation and the young community.


August 16: At a special House Meeting at the Belfry, two ceremonies marked the Primorus Annus Lamia of Orfeo Annimusredomo, signifying the final completion of his period as a Fledgling of the House, and the Pacta Sunt Servanda of Lunah Eir, signifying the start of her term as a Fledgling of the House.


October 31: Durban, South Africa – A special meeting under the auspices of House Valur, and hosted by Coven d’Eir, is held at Casa Del Lunah in Durban, for all members of Coven d’Eir able to attend. The purpose of the meeting is to commemorate Lunah Valur Eir’s Yearling Ceremony, on the eve before the much anticipated SAVA National Gathering (Gathering of the Damned). The Primorus Annus Lamia of Lunah Valur Eir, founder of Coven d’Eir, signifies the final completion of her year-long period as a Fledgling of House Valur, under the apprenticeship of Octarine Valur, the Founder of the House. Lunah Valur Eir has been a part of the local VC since early 2012, and an active member of the SAVA since 2013. She is presently the Primus of Coven d’Eir and is Secretary for the Regency of the SAVA. As a member of House Valur, she will proudly continue the traditions of the House, in service of this community, and of our kind, and has formally taken the names: Lunah, the bright light of the Moon. Valur, the family name of the founding House of the SA VC. Eir, the name she will pass on to all whom she takes as fledgling learners, and to her own Coven, which already bears her name. (Article 1,2)


July 20: House Valur consolidates its members and community assets, setting the first example of affirmation of the House/Coven system in known SAVC history in which a House has fully functioning member Covens in different regions of the country.

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