Welcome: Danae Valur Draco

As Primus of House Valur, it is my privilege to announce the addition of Nadine My-Addiction to the membership of House Valur.

Nadine has participated in the SA VC since 2012, and although it took her some time to grow into her awakening, she has contributed much time and effort to the social development of our community in the form of useful suggestions, adding numerous quality articles to the archives of SA Vampyre News, organizing contests for the community, and in her participation as a Senator of the Shadow Senate for 2014-15.

As a member of House Valur, she will proudly continue the traditions of the House, in service of this community, and of our kind, and will henceforth take the names:

  • Danae, the first light of the dawn over the mountains.
  • Valur, the family name of the founding House of the SA VC.
  • Draco, the name she will pass on to all whom she takes as fledgling learners, and one day, to a House of her own.

It is my honor to present to you, Danae Valur Draco, first of her name.

Octarine Valur