Congratulations, Lunah Valur Eir!

A special House meeting was held on October 31, 2014, at Casa Del Lunah in Durban, for all members of Coven d’Eir who were able to attend. The purpose of the meeting was to commemorate Lunah Valur Eir’s Yearling Ceremony, on the eve before the much anticipated SAVA National Gathering (Gathering of the Damned).


The Primorus Annus Lamia of Lunah Valur Eir, founder of Coven d’Eir, signified the final completion of her year-long period as a Fledgling of the House, under the apprenticeship of Octarine Valur, the Founder of the House.

Lunah Valur Eir has been a part of the local VC since early 2012, and an active member of the SAVA since 2013. She is presently the Primus of Coven d’Eir and is Secretary for the Regency of the SAVA.

The ceremony was secular, as our House is eclectic, and can be viewed in detail on the House site here.

As a member of House Valur, she will proudly continue the traditions of the House, in service of this community, and of our kind, and has formally taken the names:

  • Lunah, the bright light of the Moon.
  • Valur, the family name of the founding House of the SA VC.
  • Eir, the name she will pass on to all whom she takes as fledgling learners, and to her own Coven, which already bears her name.

It is my honor to present to you, Lunah Valur Eir, first of her name.

Octarine Valur

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