House Members

Members of House Valur:

This listing indicates relationship between the Founder of the House Valur with her Childer, and their Childer.

The House is subdivided into smaller units, called Covens within our tradition. There are presently two Covens within House Valur: Coven Veritas (Port Elizabeth) and Coven d’Eir (Durban). The hierarchy below reflects our members in relation to how they are connected to the House.


  • Coven Veritas

    • Octarine Valur (Founder and Primus of House Valur 2010 – present, Founder and Regent of the South African Vampyre Alliance.)
    • Gabrielle Valur Draegan (2011 – present. Formerly Magister of Mintaka Halo.)
    • Psion Valur De Nocte (2012 – present. Formerly Praetor to the Regent of the SAVA.)
    • Kay Valur Valkir (2013 – present. Currently Praetor to the Regent of the SAVA.)
    • Kyle Valur Tannerhill (2014 – present.)
    • Jason Valur D****** (2014 – present.)
    • Scarlet Valur Storm (2015 – present.)
  • Coven d’Eir 

    • Lunah Valur Eir (2013 – present. Former Praetor to the Regent of the SAVA, Founder and Primus of Coven d’Eir.)
    • Dagan Valur Nightalon (2015 – present.)
    • Tamryn Nightalon (2015 – present.)
    • Lena Le Strange (Serephim Valur Nereza) (2015 – present.)
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