Eternal Damnation

2010_Eternity(Originally posted January 5, 2011) Eternity. This is a South African vampire movie – the first. And if you were expecting something of the same caliber as District 9, forget it. It was abysmal. More

Truth And Dare

(Originally posted December 15, 2010) Hello everyone – My name is Octarine, and I’m a Vampyre. No really. Don’t let that fool you though – I’m really an okay gal. A little pale, maybe – perhaps a little shy – but I don’t bite exactly. Being a vampire – or Vampyre, as some of us like to spell it, has its upside and downside –  but hey, doesn’t everything? More

Hypothetically Speaking

(Originally posted September 21, 2010) Let’s speak hypothetically for a while, okay? So hypothetically, you’re in your mid thirties and your life is just great. You have a great social life, you’re involved in a few charities or social groups, hold a few positions in some of them, and you are even dipping your toes into politics. You have loads of friends and even a few fans and a great dating life – trouble is, you have a bit of a secret. Like most secrets, it is something that could threaten to bring the whole house of cards crashing down around you, because, well – quite frankly, you like in a reasonably conservative place, where people don’t take kindly to anything that is different to themselves. The secret? You’ve been living a double life, because you discovered something about yourself that nobody else in your Day Side existence should really know about you – you’re a Vampyre. More

Dynamics Of Change

(Originally posted September 1, 2010) When I found out I was a Vampyre, it explained a lot and brought major parts of my life into crystal clear focus. It was also a complete mind-fuck.  More