The South African Vampi(y)re Alliance (SAVA)

The SAVA came about in May 2011 as a result of the work of Octarine Valur.  House Valur became one of the founding Groups of the SAVA, and from the amount of effort that was put into the development of that organization, the SAVA can indeed today be viewed as one of the most successful projects of the House.

The main aim and purpose of the SAVA was to build and develop the local South African Vampyre Community, to give it structure and form and to support its members as far as possible in this development.

Octarine Valur was the Regent of the SAVA until October 2018, when she stepped down in favor of her successor, Draygon Allesandro Sheppard, primus of House Dova Sanguine. During that time, most of the insight and experience gained by the House members flowed into the work of the SAVA, and through it, into the greater SA VC.

The SAVA is now wholly an independent body from House Valur, as are other former projects such as “Vampyre Bytes” and “SA Vampyre News”, which were transferred along with the Regency.

To see more about the SAVA, visit the SAVA site.

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