The Stygian Court

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About the Stygian Court:

The Stygian Court is a vampyric organization attached to Coven Veritas which hosts private and semi-private events at various different locations in and around the city. While we cater primarily for the interests of the Nightkind (by whatever names we call ourselves – Muttaliku, Nightkind, Kindred, Vampyre) and our favored Friends, we may also feature invited guests or performers.

The reasons we host these gatherings vary considerably, but the Court exists mainly to discuss matters of interest to the Nightkind in our area, to socialize and to indulge in the elegance and style of the Nightkind in celebration of our culture and in fellowship with each other.

Activities of the Court may become intertwined with Coven Veritas’s other social activities where non-coven members may be welcome to participate, such as charity events, socials, info stands at Pagan Freedom Day etc.

Events and meet-ups take different forms, varying between formal and informal, ritual and social, discussion forum and vampyric Court. Overall, it is a space not tied to any specific physical venue, where Nightkind may meet and rub shoulders with other Nightkind.

The Stygian Court is NOT a VC body politic. It is a private group which does not advertise publicly except to invite likely VC participants or individuals who are known to members of the group and deemed to be discreet and reliable. Membership, while not indicating or dependent on any specific position in any other VC related group, is by invitation only.

Definition of the word “Stygian”:

Styg·i·an  ˈstijēən/


of or relating to the Styx River.


very dark.

“the Stygian crypt”

And thus we have the Stygian Court, relating to the cool welcoming darkness associated with the fictional vampire, the vampire of lore and legend, and the shadowy nature of the real Vampyre as an identity, the darkness which conceals our community and safeguards us from prying eyes outside.

History of the Stygian Court:

The Stygian Court was founded in February 2013 as an outer circle for House Valur by Lady Octarine Valur as a means to strengthen the personal ties of the community within Mintaka.

Several social gatherings have been organized by the Court since founding, and aside from numerous small social meets, some of the larger events held were:

  • Roaring 20’s With A Hint Of Vampire – February 2013
  • Hell O’Ween Fangdango – October 2013
  • A Very Victorian Affair – February 2014
  • Friday @ The Movies – June 2014
  • Friday @ The Movies – July 2014
  • Friday @ The Movies – August 2014
  • Friday Nite Social – September 2014
  • October 2014 event postponed due to attendance of the Gathering of the Damned in Turais on November 1 as hosted by Coven d’Eir.

On November 04 2014, the Stygian Court was detached from House Valur and attached instead to the still-latent concept of Coven Valur, which finally coalesced as Coven Veritas by November 08 2014. The reasons for this being, that the House itself consists almost entirely of non-residents of Mintaka, that the House focuses on the growth of the entire community in South Africa, and lastly, that the House consists purely of leaders within the SAVA. All of these factors combined to make the House an unsuitable controlling authority for the Court, and so therefore the Lady Valur decided to instead form a new local coven, which would include participants in the local VC and Gothic subcultures, and friends.

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