Friends Of House Valur

Below are listed organizations which have expressed a desire to be associated with House Valur as Friends of House Valur:

  • House Byron (Spain) -2012

House Byron is the most influential and important group of Spanish-speaking real vampires. Its members conduct outreach work to promote a proper understanding of real vampirism and actively collaborate with media related to the world of spirituality, the para and alternative therapies. Most of its members are concentrated  in Spain, France and Portugal and it has a presence and representation in much of Europe and Latin America. Its members are real vampires who are aware of their condition and their abilities, and who learn to apply them effectively, properly and responsibly, shedding superstition and false concepts that have so tarnished the image of the real vampire. They are real vampires united by common interests, tolerance and understanding of themselves and their surroundings and above all, are aware and sensible beings who fulfill both their own laws (Byron Tenebrae) alongside worldly laws.


  • The Court of Lazarus (New York, USA) – 2012

The Court of Lazarus is a Vampiric Court based in Lower Manhattan (New York City), serving our Citizens, Guests and night creatures from neighboring Courts in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. As New York’s Original ‘Salon Noir’, it is part ritual gathering, part dark performance space and part gothic cocktail party. Founded in 2002, it is one of the oldest active Courts.

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