Special House Meeting 20130816

This was a special House meeting at the Belfry for all members around South Africa who were able to attend.


Two ceremonies marked the Primorus Annus Lamia of Orfeo Annimusredomo, signifying the final completion of his period as a Fledgling of the House (overdue by about 2 years), and the Pacta Sunt Servanda of Lunah Eir, signifying the start of her term as a Fledgling of the House. Afterwards we enjoyed a platter of snacks, wine, and tea – believe it or not! Friendship and support are key to our continued success as a House.

Both ceremonies were secular, as our House is eclectic, and can be viewed in detail on the House site here and here.

Present were Octarine Valur, Gabrielle Draegan, Orfeo Annimusredomo and Lunah Eir.

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