Vampyres – Predators of Mundanes?

(Originally posted September 23, 2010) Recently I read an interesting item called the Vampire Creed, which at its core raises the Vampyre up as a deity, who acts as a predator. It is used by several neo-pagan religious groups as a central ethos or principle of their Houses or covens, and I have quoted it below:
I am a Vampire. I worship my ego and I worship my life, for I am the only God that is. I am proud that I am a predatory animal and I honor my animal instincts. I exalt my rational mind and hold no belief that is in defiance of reason. I recognize the difference between the world of truth and fantasy. I acknowledge the fact that survival is the highest law. I acknowledge the Powers of Darkness to be hidden natural laws through which I work my magic. I know that my beliefs in Ritual are fantasy but the magic is real, and I respect and acknowledge the results of my magic. I realize there is no heaven as there is no hell, and I view death as the destroyer of life. Therefore I will make the most of life here and now. I am a Vampire. Bow down before me.

This item conveys some very clear ideas – that the Vampyre is a god, the Vampyre is a predatory animal, and that survival is the highest law. At this point I have to point out that the nature of a predatory animal is to kill and feed off its prey, and that the law of survival then is used to excuse this base behavior. Predatory animals function solely on instinct, whereas Humans (and also Vampyres) have far more to offer than mere instinct. Of course, in clear contradiction, groups which use this Creed always mention somewhere along the line that any member who preys on Humans will be expelled from their order, coven or House – but I have to wonder if that is because they did so – or because they got caught and wish to avoid legal consequences (which I have to point out as being Mundane in nature)?

The other thing that becomes abundantly clear is that this Creed is integral to a neo-pagan religious ideology, and if you know anything about Luciferian teachings, it becomes crystal clear where this Creed, ostensibly formulated specially for Vampyres, is coming from. But it isn’t my place to judge the beliefs of others, I am merely airing my personal thoughts here – and my topic today is the predatory nature of Vampyres as a general discussion.

When it comes to being predators, I don’t think we should feel overly endowed in that department – seeing as Humans have been doing a sterling job of preying on other Humans for millenia anyway. I doubt we are unique in that aspect of what is still very Human in nature. Nevertheless, I would like to talk about we modern Vampyres, living in modern society, currently ankle-deep in the new century. Are we, or should we view ourselves as predators of Mundanes? Are we accurate if we do? What are the risks or dangers associated with such thought – and how does such a rationale work?

I think that no matter what we do as Vampyres we should always remember that there are more Mundanes than us, and that simple fact alone makes this general society their society, not ours; that even though we are Vampyres, we are still part of the human family, born of Mundanes or Vampyres, or both; that we are not lesser than them for being what we are, nor greater.

That is why I believe we should not see ourselves as being above Mundanes, or “at the top of the food chain” so to speak. We may feed off human blood or prana – but where it is given freely and does no harm, this alters the position significantly. We NEED them, their essence, and we need them alive – and we need to keep them happy and satisfied in terms of donorship agreements. That is a completely different scenario to the hunter/hunted prey/predator arrangement prevalent in nature, and pushes us into a different bracket altogether. A closer analysis of our feeding needs and habits reveals we are far more like symbionts than predators.

Those who would have us calling ourselves predators of Mundanes forget that we are the same species. A snake does not lay a bird’s egg. A whale does not naturally give birth to a dolphin. Lions do not prey on other lions. We are born naturally of Mundanes and even other Vampyres, and that makes us Human. Special in some ways, yes – but still essentially Human. And you see, this alters things significantly. In one sense we could be called cannibals, because although we are not killing, or eating the flesh of our donors, we are still taking their life inside us. We ingest their blood, we absorb their prana. And they willingly allow us to. No other creature in nature acts willingly as prey for a predator, nor allows harm to come to itself for the benefit of a predator.

Predator? Pedophiles and rapists could be compared to predators yes, in terms of behavior at least. They take what they want from fellow Humans, typically by force. In those terms you could argue that a serial killer, or a Vampyre who steals life essence from a Mundane against their will IS a predator, based purely on their behavior which is manifested by predatory intent and action – and this is then an indication that as sentient beings, this is by CHOICE alone, not NEED.

Needing to feed infers finding a source of sustenance – which we know is a willing donor or alternate energy source. It does not imply giving in to the violent predatory instinct, because as sentient beings we know better. Or should. As sentient beings we have choice and control.

However, this leads me to another fork in the road. Being equally Human as are the Mundanes, we Vampyres still have the dark nature of the Beast within us, that which drives us to feed, even for some, to take what they need by force – leading us to the point where we may even think about the term “predator”. But what does this mean? Humans preying on Humans? Or Humans even having the desire to prey on other Humans? Does that not confirm what some of us hold to be one of our deepest fears? That we really ARE monsters?

And we know the typical definition of a monster – a supernatural being, and we certainly view ourselves as supernatural, do we not? “Super” of course denoting the part where we view ourselves as being “above” or “more than” nature. Taking that in context, all modern Humans are “supernatural”, because it isn’t natural to get in a car every morning and drive to work – or to work for that matter. But what we do as Vampyres is arguably unnatural to Mundanes – or should we say “supernatural” to them. We use energy-work and forms of magick to feed off them. We drink their blood, we ingest their life essence. We think of their blood as food, and yes while this may be true, it’s easy to see why some of us think of ourselves as “better” than them.

Lastly in terms of the use of the word “predator”, I need to point out the obvious – we don’t need to kill to feed. And aside from catch-and-release fishermen, I don’t know of any predators in nature that play “tag” with their prey, and then let them go. We just need enough, and we can get by quite well on what those who are willing to help us donate willingly. In fact, I would think that those who promote the idea that we should act like predatory animals are acting under their own agenda, and one that is not in the best interests of our continued co-existence in Mundane society.

It’s nice to pretend that you are somehow better than somebody else, after all, it’s a very Human need to feel you can look down on somebody else because it might make you feel better about yourself or your circumstances… the “I may only be a cashier at PEP stores, but tonight I will drink the blood of a banker, so I am better than X, Y or Z” justification. But this can lead to all sorts of other problems, like arrogance, bigotry and ultimately injustice and persecution of those you look down on. And that is never a very healthy state of mind, for any creature.


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  1. Jonathan Peebles
    Feb 24, 2012 @ 05:16:50

    I disagree. I believe that the food chain is set up as predator and prey; some how it the definitions got changed and that screwed everything up similar to the way fiction and Hollywood screwed up our name “Vampire”. Not all Predators kill there Prey but they take just what they need to survive such as mosquitoes, tapeworms, and even bats ect. It is funny cause we don’t want to be compared to Vampire bats or parasites such as these but that is one similarity many of us have. The difference however is most do not take too much or enough to hurt those we take from and it is usually given freely or should be. So even though we do not kill our Prey (well most of us with morals anyways) the humans are our prey technically. But like anything else that is up to the individuals point of view…


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