New News Site for the SA Vampyre Community

(Originally posted July 7, 2011) For a long time local vamps have had to look elsewhere to find news about the Vampyre Community, and for a long time they would only see news about foreign communities and events. All that is about to change with the launch of SA Vampyre News on June 13, 2011. The site is set to adopt its own domain by August, and already has several contributing writers, who address everything from current events in the local VC, to personal observations and health matters relating to real Vampyres and their Donors.

As part of this ongoing project, House Valur’s blog will still be updated from time to time, but the regular blog posts by Octarine will be posted on the SA Vampyre News site instead, under Notas Vampyrica.
House Valur is now an active part of the new South African Vampi(y)re Alliance, or SAVA – which is growing from strength to strength. With 5 member Houses, already – and a fledgling Halo system in place, the South African Vampyre Community can be proud of such a promising beginning.

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