ANNOUNCEMENT: The Vampi(y)re Declaration of Community: An introduction.

(Originally posted January 18, 2011) ANNOUNCEMENT: The Vampi(y)re Declaration of Community: An introduction.

Since the advent of what we today call the OVC (Online Vampi(y)re Community), and over the past few months, there have been incidents where individuals have sought to exploit weaknesses in the VC which rest on deep-seated and long-standing divisions between various groupings which form part of the Vampi(y)re Community. As most of us are already aware, these groupings have formed around and been based upon the different feeding methods employed by Sang, PSI and Hybrid Vampi(y)res. 

In spite of many efforts and appeals, our many common needs and characteristics as Vampi(y)res have been ignored, while our few small differences have received increasing and unwarranted attention at the hands of those who would intend that the VC be partitioned and deteriorate into chaos and to ultimately disintegrate.

The Vampi(y)re Declaration of Community was drafted by several Vampi(y)res, who come from each of these backgrounds or disciplines, and who sought to put an end to the seemingly endless drama and bitter contentions surrounding these divisions, by drafting a statement of Community, common beliefs and goals, and unity.

It is our belief and feeling that while there are different feeding methods for Vampi(y)res, and that exploring these feeding methods is an important part of understanding our nature as Vampi(y)res, that these feeding methods should not be used as a means to foster enmity and division within the Community.

The intentions of those who drafted the document, embodied by the document itself, is not for it to be a Law or Canon, but a statement which embodies the Community unity, ethos, agreement, common ground, foundation, fealty, belonging, sanctuary, tolerance and diversity each of us looks to find within the Vampi(y)re Community.

The intention is not to erase the differences between our diverse groups, but instead to understand them, educate each other about them, and embrace them as all equally Vampi(y)re, and to end this destructive bickering and in-fighting about who is more Vampi(y)re than who – thereby greatly limiting future potential for this unfortunate history repeating itself.

It is with these intentions that we, the drafters, humbly present to the Vampi(y)re Community,

The Vampi(y)re Declaration of Community:

By Belfazaar Ashantison, Deacon Gray, Octarine Valur, Wraiths  and  Zerochan(names in alphabetical order.)

We who self-identify as vampiric people, and who adopt the name Vampi(y)re, recognize our need for community within the context of broader Human society, and our diversity, and hereby undertake to view all who, like us, identify as part of the Community of real living Human Vampi(y)res.

We stand united in cause and hope, for a greater spirit of Community, and do so in order to promote knowledge, understanding and awareness of the vampiric condition and those who experience it, both within and without the Vampi(y)re Community.

We have struggled throughout our history as a Community to understand our own condition, by means of our own experience, learning, interpretation, thirst for knowledge, researching, communicating and engaging with those of like minds and those of opposing schools of thought. We have sought the truth of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our common condition. We undertake to seek out knowledge shown to be lacking when matters arise which we cannot adequately explain.

We affirm that our intentions for a Vampi(y)re Community are not for it to be a body politic, but rather that our common goals as a Community are to endeavor to understand our condition in all its variations; questioning and clarifying that which we do not understand so that we may present a knowledgeable front at all internal levels, while also discussing it with those outside our Community, and to express above all, to each other, our bond as a united Community of Vampi(y)res.

We recognize that some of us may express their vampirism in ways different to our personal expression or experience of vampirism, and desire that no member of this Community should suffer indignation, discrimination or persecution because of such differences, where no harm results or is threatened by implication of consequences to our Community.

We acknowledge that each Vampi(y)re and grouping of Vampi(y)res, may uniquely identify this need, whether culturally, spiritually or socially, as something which holds profound significance to that individual or grouping – and although we may not always agree on these matters, we undertake to treat one other with respect, debate our differences logically and kindly, as is appropriate.

We acknowledge that our Community is made up of Vampi(y)res and Donors, who form relationships with us in the context of satisfying our vampiric needs, sustaining us by their voluntary sacrifices and good graces – and that this good will could be endangered or lost through acts of abuse or neglect; and further, we acknowledge that they have joined with us to support those with the Vampi(y)re condition, and that all have contributions to make which will benefit the Community as a whole; and that an atmosphere of respect, admiration and consideration between both Vampi(y)res and Donors should always be considered of paramount importance.

We acknowledge the schools of thought that vampirism is a “physiological condition”, “spiritual condition”, “mental condition”, or “emotional condition” and any combination of these and that without the advent of conclusive medical and/or clinical testing, that which we name ourselves is tantamount to a common belief that there is something within us which sets us apart from the Mundane world around us.

We affirm that we are not above the Mundane world, but are part of it – differently oriented from the rest of Humanity and having a need that surpasses our current level of medical, scientific or technological understanding.

Therefore as a Community, we seek to broadly define vampirism as the need of an individual to supplement their personal vampiric need, however they choose to define it, from external sources – whether these be perceived as living or non living, and regardless of whatever method is employed, whether through consumption of blood or chi/prana; or via energy in blood or other associated material, or in any other form whether corporeal or non-corporeal; or one method in isolation or in combination with another; and the principle that those who express such a need, be defined as being Vampi(y)res – with emphasis on the standard that not one of us is to be judged as lesser or greater than another because of their means or methods of satisfying that need.

To these ends, based upon our common vampiric needs, and our desire for togetherness, association and community, we express our mutual agreement and our unity as one Vampi(y)re Community.

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