Why Biting Your Donor Is Just Plain Rude

(Originally posted Friday August 20, 2010) Sanguine, meaning “of the blood”, or in common language, “bloody”. Considering the ingrained image of fictional Vampires depicted in books and movies over the years, it should be rather obvious that this refers to the sometimes unpleasant need for some Vampires to feed by ingesting living blood.
Vampires that feed on blood are called “Sanguinarians”, “Sang Vamps” or “Sangs”. Not all Vampires feed on blood – rather on a point of accuracy, even those who do – actually feed on the eneregy contained in the living blood, rather than on the proteins and nutrients in the physical liquid itself. Thus, it can be seen that all real Vampires feed on prana or life-force energy, it is just that some can take energy from other sources or use other means other than taking it from the blood.

This need for blood has resulted in a number of interesting ways to obtain it. Vamps use cutting tools, pins, blades and syringes to feed. Why not just bite?

Interesting question. Firstly, you need big, sharp, strong teeth to bite into a healthy human skin – and most real Vampires do not come with factory-fitted fangs ala Hollywood. Secondly, since real Vampires rely on willing donors for blood, I can see why that wouldn’t go down too well in that department. Yes, there are some people that get a kick out of getting bitten – but what is done in love-play or fun is not the same thing required to actually break the skin and draw blood.

Well, speaking as a Vampyre, I love to bite – in fact, I get that urge almost every time I think of feeding. It comes up so readily, it is almost an autonomic response – and who knows, perhaps it is! But biting causes bruising and can cause bad infections. Humans have very nasty bacteria in their mouths – and yes, we count as Humans too. Besides, we don’t want to hurt our donors. It’s a relationship of a kind – you care about a donor, at least as far as not wanting to harm them or hurt them. It’s the least you can do for somebody willing to share their life-force with you. From a practical point of view, if nasty stories about donors getting bite wounds and infections started circulating, we would soon have an even nastier time finding donors.

I prefer blades or lancets myself. Small shallow cuts are much less visible and heal much easier. And they leave your donor much happier, and still willing to continue helping you. And that is the key point – donors, also known as “swans” (you were wondering where that “Twilight” girl’s last name came from, weren’t you?) are helping us by donating their life essence to us. The least we can do in return is to show them consideration, respect and kindness.


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