More On Turning (Yawn)

(Originally posted Tuesday August 17, 2010) Turning is a complicated topic that always ends up with arguments of some kind. Personally, I believe turning is possible – but to varying degrees.

Now don’t ask me HOW to turn somebody, because I don’t know exactly. I’m not talking about the rituals or methods you see in the vamp movies where you drink the blood of your maker after he or she has fed off you to the point of death etc – or those crazy cults (yes they are out there) where they basically teach their Mundane adherents to worship themselves as gods and to feed off the energy of others out of greed or for a lust for power or a quest for immortality – and they will automatically become Vampyres. I think we know that anyone can be taught to feed off energy – but for us, feeding – whether sang or PSI – is a necessity. It’s something we have to do, it’s something we do because otherwise we get sick, or worse, not for religious reasons or because we think it makes us cool.

According to some sources, our energy body, or “subtle body” as described by some groups, suffers an imbalance that causes our need to drain energy from our surroundings, or to take it from blood. It turns us into a kind of energy vacuum. I have also read accounts of vamps who have been “treated” by energy workers in Reiki etc in order to “cure” them – and it only made things much, much worse for them – and they had to be restored (to what is normal for vamps anyway) by experienced elders in the PSI community.

Then there is the claim that traumatic experiences, such as near-death, accidents, injuries, emotional trauma such as loss, grief, wounding etc, can also be responsible for triggering Awakening in individuals whose own vampiric nature was latent. (This is one of the possibilities I considered for causing my own awakening as I have had several of these).

Also, I have read accounts where some donors have been fed upon so excessively and inconsiderately (rapaciously is the term I remember) that their own energy bodies are damaged and they become energy drains themselves. Whether this is permanent or not, isn’t clear. Some even try to do this damage intentionally in order to hurt someone – and this may actually be a way to turn someone – but then, all the previous arguments we remember from other forums on the topic of ethics come to mind.

Remember the difference between being sang or PSI is just how we feed – so I think that if this is even practical or possible, then the outcome of this sort of “turning” experience – while undoubtedly traumatic, could produce someone who is either PSI, sang or both.

Then again, refer back to my previous posts on whether it is worth it or not. As you should be able to gather by now, a large slice of the pie goes to motive.


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