I Don’t Know – Can You?

(Originally posted Monday August 16, 2010) So here you are, wishing you were a Vampire. First, you should understand what it is to be one of us, before you go wishing for something you really might not want. What is your idea of Vampires?

The sexy, romantic stars of “Twilight” or “Vampire Diaries”? The cool, fun characters in “True Blood”? If it is, you really are asking to be disappointed. I would suggest you go do a little research on what real Vampires are, before asking one of us to “turn” you.

But we digress, the question is: “Can I be turned into a Vampire?” Well, some will immediately pound you with a resounding “No!” and berate you for being an ignorant Mundane ungrateful for the good fortune bestowed upon them by Mother Nature – and some will even offer to turn you, sometimes even in return for payment. The truth of this matter is, that there is a lot of disagreement on this contentious subject – and that while it is generally believed by most of our community that “turning” is impossible and belongs in fiction, like “Twilight”, some believe that it is quite possible.

I have to mention here that I have never encountered a Vampire who claimed to have been turned, or to have turned anyone, – nor met anyone else who could make the claim – so this is of course part of the debate. So I will dispense with the chit-chat, and tell you what the “experts” say on the matter.

“Yes, and no.”

I understand the concept of being a vampire – as it is an in-born trait that can be awakened through various means. Some say you can be turned – or even that you can turn yourself, even through magick or occult rituals. Some say you can be turned through a traumatic near-death experience. Others again say that if a Vampire drains a donor of enough energy, they can become “energy black-holes” themselves, draining surrounding people of energy – but even this effect is said to be temporary. Other sources tell that turning is possible, though scarcely worth the effort as the “newly awakened Vampire” would have no other Vampire characteristics other than an annoying need to feed – and that this too would be temporary.

At any rate, most Vampires would tell you you are crazy for wanting to be like us, because life is so tough and all, being so glamorous and sexy, prancing around in tight leathers all night, seducing beautiful people left and right. Of course, I am being sarcastic. Being a Vampire is not entirely all bad, nor is it everything some keen to be “turned” seem to think it is. In the end, it seems to me this experience is unique to each of us – and therein lies a warning.

Be careful what you wish for…


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