So What Is A Real Vampyre?

(Originally posted on Sunday February 14 2010) Real Vampires? What’s that? Somebody who goes around calling themselves a Vampire can’t be “normal” can they? In fact, they’re probably batty.

Why add the word “real” to the description?

Well, because the existence of Vampires has been a sordid, secret affair – made all that much more vague by myth and lore, and also popular fiction. These days it is hard to be taken seriously when you discover you are vampiric, when the first thing that pops into your head is coffins, Count Dracula and *shudder* Twilight.

First we have to define a real Vampire. Perhaps as an introduction, the best way to define a real Vampire is to define what we are not.

  • Vampires do not “only” drink blood. They eat and drink other things too, just like “normal” people. In fact, many Vampires consume no blood at all, but feed on energy or prana.
  • Vampires do not kill people to drink their blood. The average Human body contains 8 liters of plasma. No Vampire could consume that much blood at one sitting without becoming seriously ill. The most that is consumed at a time is around a shooter glass full.
  • Vampires do not attack people for blood or energy, they use the services of consenting, willing donors who share their life essence with them.
  • Vampires are not some separate species, we are still Human.
  • Vampires are not dead or undead.
  • Vampires do not burst into flames or turn to ashes in sunlight.
  • Vampires do have reflections – a few I know spend hours in front of a mirror.
  • Vampires do not need an invitation to enter anyone’s home – but it is still breaking the law *wink*.
  • As with mundanes, silver has no effect on Vampires, except to make them better dressed and slightly heavier.
  • Vampires do not live forever, are not immortal and can die like anyone else. Staking or shooting or beheading a Vampire will kill them just as surely as it would kill any living creature. Silly question, really.
  • Most Vampires do not have natural fangs, just the “lucky” ones do *wink*.
  • Most Vampires look nothing like those portrayed in fiction, nor do they look Gothic, or Emo – in fact, why would someone dress to make themselves stand out more, when it is more beneficial for them to blend in?
  • Vampires definitely do not sparkle, unless you sprinkle them with glitter. Duh.

So what is a real Vampire then?

A Vampire is a person who has a natural energy deficiency which can only be remedied by the regular intake of prana, which can also be found in blood, whether animal or Human.

I hope this gives you an idea of what a real Vampire is. If not, just keep reading this until you get it *wink*.


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