Finding And Meeting Donors

(Originally posted Tuesday August 17, 2010) Not all of us are fortunate enough to live in places where we can openly frequent haevens and vampyre bars, surrounded by groupies and wannabe freshies, flocking to donate their prana to a good cause. LOL, in fact I think most of us have to rely on close friends or lovers for our sang feedings, unless of course we go the anonymous route, implying the use of subterfuge such as claiming you have “a blood fetish” in order to get your fill. There are places and situations where brute honesty could get you into serious difficulty, and even mortal danger.

Of course, there is the honest route, just coming clean and telling your prospects you are a vamp and need their blood – and whether they believe you or not, they may well humor you and even let you drink from them. But it goes without saying that there is usually some kind of price to be paid for this service – some way in which we have to sing for our supper.

What is your take on this? And what are your feelings on disclosing to donors your reasons for needing blood or energy?

What are you willing to do in return for that blood or energy?
Take for example a guy who thinks you have a blood fetish, and he gets off on being watched pleasuring himself. Well, it takes all kinds, LOL. We hardly have room to point fingers. Still, it’s a no-strings agreement and you don’t like actual sex, so it suits you.

Or a girl you meet at a bar who is just curious about other girls? When do you disclose that you’re a Vampyre? Do you?

What would you do for a little blood?

How thirsty are you?


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