Careful What You Wish For…

(Originally posted August 30, 2010) What did I want to be when I was little? An astronaut, a soldier, a vampire… well, two out of three’s not bad… Just goes to prove the truth in the saying “Careful what you wish for…

Now that we got that out of the way, I nevertheless find it interesting when people come onto a forum asking to be turned. Some forums get pretty nasty and even ban people outright just for asking. Few take the trouble to first explain why they believe it isn’t viable or possible, or even have detailed FAQ sections explaining the prevailing point of view on the forum. (Even fewer visitors take the time to read these it seems). I tend to save that banning option for if the person gets rude or nasty and starts kicking over the furniture or causing trouble because we won’t indulge them in their fantasy. Start calling us “posers” because we won’t turn you, and the fangs and trusty ban-sword come out. After all, part of being a fan of real Vampyres is wanting to be one, however unlikely that is to happen – and we don’t want to punish them for that, do we?
Now that you’re here asking me to turn you, let me ask you a few questions:
1) Have you read the items in the information and discussion sections on turning?
2) Do you accept that even if “turning” is possible, there is a significant risk to yourself involved?
3) Are you sure you won’t mind having significant weaknesses and dependencies on blood or prana, the taste of blood (if you turn out to be a sang) – your future dependence on it, and the difficulties involved in procuring it?
4) Are you willing to accept these risks, even if attempts to “turn” you are not successful?

If the answer to the above questions is “yes”, then all you need to do is find a Vampyre within realistic travelling distance, with enough experience and knowledge – and who is willing, for whatever reason – to attempt a theoretical “turning” with you.

Be that as it may, you have come here asking me and others here to turn you. So desperate are you to be one of us, that you will not heed our warnings or advice, or the abundant annotations showing that turning is not likely, that you need to be born vampyric and cannot be made such.

I also have to point out that according to various systems of Vampyre ethics, those groups who believe turning is possible – Vampyres are advised to get to know their intended progeny first, gauging whether they are “fit” to be Vampyres and will not bring the community into disrepute or worse, endanger us.

Most vamps I know do not believe in turning, however there are cults who do, who claim that vampyres can be awakened through the study of their in-house vampyre religions (at a hefty price, of course) – which are almost always linked to Luciferianism. Added to this, there are no clear facts as to whether these “neonates” are latent natural vampyres who are simply brought to awakening, or Mundanes who are actually “turned”.

I have never turned anyone, nor has any other Vampyre I have been in contact with claimed to. I awakened, whether or not this was by someone else’s action or not, I can’t be sure – there are many suggested reasons for awakening, and some of them could even be suggestive of turning. Nearly all of them include a description of significant trauma. However I will not lay claim to knowing everything on the topic.

You should consider the possibility that what brought you here as a seeker might well be an awakening. In short, your being here may be a sign of awakening or impending awakening.

I know to some it may seem to be wishful thinking, but many vamps have awakened not knowing what they are, and have simply found solace and comfort in identifying with what they think vampires are…

Being Vampyre doesn’t make us magically ‘belong’ anywhere. It won’t make you popular or a nicer person than you already are, it won’t change your looks or make you more attractive. It doesn’t change us as people, we’re still the same people we always were. Awakening doesn’t make our problems go away, it just opens our eyes to a whole new range of other problems to deal with as well. It doesn’t make us “cool” or more acceptable in a group, or nicer to hang around. In fact, many of us are outsiders, loners for various reasons – and being vamp won’t enable you to live forever. You won’t leap tall buildings with a tail wind and a bit of a run-up. You certainly won’t sparkle.

Vampyres are people too, meaning that you will find all sorts among us, as you would Mundanes. There are nice people, and there are also monsters who would mislead people like you (eager to learn or “turn”) and even do harm to you for their own pleasure or gain.

Sorry to say it, but getting sun-burned easily or enjoying raw meat isn’t a sign that you’re a vampire any more than standing in a garage makes you a car. Plenty of Mundanes get off on seeing, smelling and even drinking blood, but it doesn’t mean they are vamps. The difference is Vamps NEED it.

And in all honesty, if I were ever to consider doing it myself… first thing that would come to mind is WHY? Why would I do this to them? If the traumatic things in my life are what I believe awakened me, why would I do something like that to someone else? How would I feel about myself if I did it? Would it not make me a monster?

There are many takes on what it means to be Vampyre. Some believe we are “evil” just for being what we are, some believe that what we do or how we behave defines us instead. I define myself. I choose to do good, even if I am not. I choose to try to help people and I try not to do harm to anyone. I accept blood from people who offer it to me willingly. Any other way, taking it by force for example, would not only be criminal – but would violate my personal belief system – as would harming someone, even if they asked me to. Doing what you are asking would be crossing the line for me, and for others who feel as I do.

There are others out there who don’t. Please be careful who you ask, and what you let them do to you – and what they ask you in return. Do I know anyone who would try to turn you? Honestly I don’t. I’m sure someone out there would eventually agree though.

It is you who is at risk in pursuing this. Do as you wish, I can’t stop you – though I urge you to be safe – and good luck.


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