“Can I Be Turned?”

(Originally posted on Monday August 16, 2010) Before we answer that question, perhaps I should pose you another first: WHY do you really want to be a Vampyre? And is it even possible?

Wherever you go, you will get ambivalent answers about turning.

People will say “it’s not possible – BUT under the right conditions it could be”, and some will say it can be permanent – and others only temporary – and even “not worth the effort”. They say you need to be born a Vampire and yet we can begin to realize what we are and experience our awakening after puberty – and it seems awakening can happen at almost any time of our lives, even decades later. Awakening can also be a result of traumatic experience.

It seems almost deliberate sometimes, this mixed message. Suffice to say, our nature and our existence is – even to ourselves, an enigma.

There are theories of how one can be turned – and when you understand the dynamics and consequences of it all – you have to wonder what would drive a healthy person to want this done to them, and even more – what kind of being would even agree to do it to another, intentionally.

The only question you really need to concern yourself with, is finding out what we are – what it is to be a Vampire – what we have to put up with – and if turning is indeed possible – is it really worth it? Is it? With all the discomfort, need for secrecy, unwanted desires and needs that can cause unpleasant consequences and social mayhem? Needs that are very hard to satisfy or to even explain?

What will being a Vampire change in your life that you cannot change just by being YOU?

What do you think you will gain? Power? If you want power, find it within yourself – it is there, just as it is in all of us. Love? Ha! Do you think people will fall in love with you for being a Vampire? If they don’t love you for WHO you are, and just for WHAT you are (no matter what that is), then they don’t love YOU at all. Abilities? You think we can fly? Or turn into mist or sprout fangs? Sure we can – anything can fly if you launch it from a catapult (just ask the Navy) or turn into mist if you nuke it in the microwave long enough. And anyone can get a pair of cosmetic fangs. Anybody can have PSI abilities – you don’t need to be a Vampire for that – and anyone can learn how to feed off PSI energy – and anyone can drink blood.

Perhaps you should ask yourself why you would want to do any of these things. And how would you feel about it if you had to and had no choice? And once again, IS IT WORTH IT?

Some people have wanted it so much they even offered sums of real money for Vampires to turn them.

We die too. Nothing is immortal. Except possibly our spirits or energy forms – which go on and on being reborn – you will spend your life searching for something you already have. Spend a fortune trying to buy something in your own pocket.

And while they may eventually find someone willing to turn them in exchange for riches, they might find themselves being fleeced by a charlatan – at the mercy of predators who could take far more than their money – or end up regretting something which cannot be undone.

And if you are reading this right here, right now, and thinking of asking to be turned – considering the argument above, I’m not sure whether to feel sorry for you, or not.

See it from our perspective, please. You come onto a Vampire forum like so many others, asking to be turned – practically demanding it and even throwing financial reward into the deal, if you think it will make it any sweeter. The big thing here for me being, that we don’t know you from a bar of soap.

Why do you even want to be a Vampire? (You probably won’t answer that, at least truthfully – but just think about it).

There are just about as many negatives as there are positives to our condition. Many of us have more negatives than positives – and the trade-offs you think may be worth it, probably aren’t. In fact, even if such a “turning” could be achieved, what if it doesn’t last? What if you end up with more damage to your health (both spiritual and physical) than intended? It’s not as if Vampires go around actually turning people every other day, you know. How do you know you will even find an experienced hand at it? What if something goes wrong? What if you get hurt? What if you are left sickly and weaker than you are now? Some of us even end up being hospitalized for not feeding, or feeding incorrectly – did you know that? Have you even thought of these things?

One has to wonder what kind of mind would welcome being changed into a creature that would actually include in its nature the acts of preying on fellow humans for their blood or energy. One has to doubt the mind and intentions of a person so eager to welcome this, that they would pay money for it and even fight to be as we are.

What are your motives?

Yes, we can think of ways to feel better about what we are – and even to defend our right to exist – but can even we think of reasons to set out to become what we are if we had a choice to not be in the first place? I can’t. And that’s the honest truth. Now, if we had the choice of being like say – the “Twilight” vamps for example – with abilities and advantages like the fictional vampires we tend to dislike for various reasons – it might actually be worth it. But as we have pointed out – or tried to – we aren’t like that. I don’t know what you think we are that you want to be like us so badly.

So why bother?

I am a Vampire, and upon discovering my nature, yes – I chose to embrace it – but it was MY nature to embrace – I did not really have a choice in deciding what I was – just in accepting it. It’s not as if I chose to be turned or pursued it. I’m pretty sure most others here feel the same. We are what we are and we were just honest enough to accept that.

I for one have reservations about the intent or the motives behind such eagerness and determination to give up good health to become dependent on the life essence of others.

One has to wonder what kind of acts one could expect from such a person whom we might be responsible for turning – and whether their acts as Vampires will stain our souls as well.

I would imagine that if such an act of turning another could ever be successful or acceptable to a Vampire at all, it would be a close friend or even a partner, and one they have known for quite some time – and one whom they could trust to act in an ethical and moral way in keeping with the broad standards set by our community. After all, the act of one reflects on the many.

Either that – or heaping such unhappy needs and problems upon an enemy we would do great harm to.

This SHOULD be food for thought for you. Eat up, and remember, I bear you no ill will. I wish you well.


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