Are Vampyres Evil?

(Originally posted Monday August 23, 2010) Original religions (even Christianity) were gnostic and mystic in nature and taught things we do not know generally today. Much of this is continued in modern “occult” practice – and we know how twitchy some big religions get about the occult today! Some Mundanes are natural energy workers – and some energy workers manifest as Vampyres.
Even Mundanes who have abilities are discouraged from using them by Mundane religions – particularly Christianity, which likes to arbitrarily and ignorantly label anything out of step with their belief system as “Satanism” and “devil-worship“. Early Christianity though – and even Judaism contained elements of magick and mysticism (such as Kabbalah) and were gnostic in context – which opens the door to self-knowledge and the use and development of such abilities.
As a result, today most Mundanes – even those not particularly religious – view PSI abilities as “the work of the Devil” and abandon them – and as we exist and even awaken within these willfully ignorant and puritanical environments, we largely follow in this tendency.
It makes it even harder for us to embrace our awakening and even to see any good in it. I know I struggled with that for a long time – turning my back on my abilities because of something so trivial as religion.
So, are Vampyres “evil“? Are we evil by nature our nature alone? That is a question that seems overly complicated. Most religions will define good and define evil. Most will also tell us that it is what we do in life and what is inside us and makes us who we are that defines us as either good or evil. Bearing that in mind, if claims by some scholars that Vampyres are descended from fallen angels (demons) and Mundanes, then we could be on some iffy ground there. As with everything else, I would say it depends on our own interpretation of the evidence.
To me, just being a Vampyre does not necessarily mean being evil or signify some form of slavery or possession. I suppose aside from all the regular equation of Vampyres with evil in the traditional Judeo-Christian religious sense, the concept comes as a result of the Apocryphal myths which describe Vampyres as offspring of Mundanes and fallen Angels – who would in effect be demons by definition? The term used was “Nephalim” I believe.
Some believe that Vampyres are demons – and to awaken to being a Vampyre you need to in effect “become” a demon. This provokes a rather obvious response – who the hell would want to be a demon? They are even worse off than Vampyres!
My first personal principle is not to do any harm. I view myself as a being of light, not darkness, Vampyre or not. What I do, I wish to do out of love, and compassion not anger or hate or selfishness. If I feed off anyone I would prefer to do it out of self-preservation, and with a willing donor – and not out of selfishness, spite or anger. I don’t see feeding off strangers and friends as a game, nor do I see feeding as anything other than a necessity. If that really makes me “evil“, well then I suppose I can’t argue – however, the onus is on those who can’t tolerate diversity and difference of thought, belief or opinion to prove it.
Yes, I know what you are thinking. We all have a dark side – the same dark side that leads some people to commit violence or serial murders or genocide. The same darkness that to a degree is part of every creature. For we are all both darkness and light in one being. Every thing has a shadow.
The difference comes in with the choices we make. The choice to obey instinct, or the choice to do no harm to others. To be a force for darkness, or a force for light. As with nearly everything, there is a gray area, a middle-ground which can partially satisfy both.
The Vampyric instinct is to take and feed. The conscience would rebel against this instinct. The compromise is to accept only blood or energy which is offered by willing donors – and thus neither is harmed and both impulses are satisfied.
Like Mundanes, there are good and bad Vampyres out there. There are some that think of themselves as better than Mundanes, above them and like predators. In fact there is a Vampyre religion that even has this idea at its core. Those who adhere to it are misled into thinking the same way. They would have us believe that Vampyres are no more than lowly animals which stalk, hunt and kill their prey and should not feel remorse for it – and place themselves at the top of some arcane food-chain. They are elitists, who imagine some kind of Vampyric ruling class akin to the First City in the Book of Nod (which is largely fictional by the way and essentially a prop for a role playing game).
Of course, they have it quite wrong. Vampyres may feed off energy sourced from Humans, yes – but we are not some separate species, nor are we plain animals. We have minds, and are as capable of thought and feeling as any other Humans. To sum up – we are more than what they would will for us. We are still as Human, with as many weaknesses as they, and as many failings – and yes, as many redeeming values.
Like Mundanes, Vampyres can be creatures of shadow, walking in the light – or creatures of light walking in the shadows. We are not all the same.

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