“Am I a Vampyre?”

(Originally posted on Monday August 16, 2010) Another question most often posted by new arrivals on a forum – “Am I a vampire?”

It seems it was just yesterday that I was asking the same questions, and feeling just as confused. When we first think we may be Vampiric or awakening to it, we tend to start looking for everything we can think of that may be new – or “different” from things we consider normal.I think almost everybody has funky stories about being born in an unusual manner or having unusual birth conditions or even strange characteristics.

Most information resources and voice within the Vampire community don’t seem to think any of these plays a part in identifying a Vampire. We come from all walks of life, and nothing I could find so far seems to indicate common ground – not eye color, hair color, light sensitivity (although I am light sensitive also) having natural fangs or not (mine are not that long), being fast (I’m not – but I’ve been told I can be witty at times) etc.

Being nocturnal can also be a “phase” we go through post-puberty. Many people are nocturnal – and let’s be honest, how many geriatrics do we know who can really sleep through the night? So, if you’re here thinking “I like sleeping by day and being awake at night, see better in the dark than my friends, enjoy the taste of blood, I’m pale, tired all the time, I’m anemic, I’m really fast and I heal real quick, I have porphyria – that’s it, I must be a Vampire” – forget it.

Anybody can experience these things without being a Vampire.One of the very few things that does seem to define a Vampire though, is a shortage of energy and a need to top-up – whether through pranic energy, or by taking in living blood. Not feeding or taking in energy results in very real illness that not just manifests as psychological trauma, but also becomes apparent in the physical body.

So are you a Vampire? Until some enterprising scientists or medical experts finally identify ways and means to diagnose “Yes, you are!”, there is one answer to your question – the thing that rings true in all the reliable resources out there – nobody can tell you you are a Vampire, that is something you need to determine through self-knowledge and learning. There is a lot of information out there to read through and absorb.

The one abiding principle of our community is that nobody can tell you what you are – only you can know for certain and decide that this holds true for you – and you are indeed a Vampire, or not.I wish those of you setting out on this journey of self-discovery all the best.


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