A Serious Research Paper On Vampyrism

(Originally published Tuesday August 24, 2010) I found this article online and found it so disturbing, I decided to post about it.
It’s 49 pages of religious fundamentalist opinion on vampyrism, Wicca etc from a supposedly “Christian” perspective – using “Twilight” *shudder* as a measure of what the real Vampyre community is all about.
After a lengthy explanation of the Twilight Saga (with pictures) the writer disects the promotion of vampyrism and blood drinking (and Wicca) as a form of satanism (surprise, surprise), and then launches into a prejudiced and wildly inaccurate analysis of our community:
People who become vampires often believe that they are born vampires, and have a condition much like a disease in that they need blood to survive. They believe it is a spiritual condition – a condition of their soul in which they do not have enough spiritual energy to meet their needs to live a normal healthy life. They call this energy force prana, pranic energy, chi, qi, ki, and so forth. In fact, what they are referring to is the same Kundalini energy referred to in Yoga and New Age. It is occult power. Many who practice these religions believe the resulting imbalance in their systems, causes their spiritual energy to go into the negative, resulting in drastic affects to their health. Thus vampires are usually very pale looking. This lack of energy makes them drowsy all the time, causing serious affects to their autoimmune system. This makes them more vulnerable to viral or bacterial diseases, which they get more severely and for a longer duration. Because of this, they have to seek another source to obtain their “energy”. Their eyes and skin are extremely sensitive to light and the sun.

They say that their skin burns if exposed to bright light or the sun. Thus they spend most time indoors or in the dark. They suffer from “energy lusts”, a physical hunger pain or a mental fixation for the blood from which they draw their energy. This is described as feeling like a heroin addict who needs a fix. Their senses have a dramatic increase in sensitivity and have strength beyond what is normal, even at puberty. These signs of strength and ability at puberty are called “signs of awakening”.

Please know, none of this is gratuitous information … it is in fact both rather disgusting and disturbing, but we need to understand what we are dealing with.

Vampires classify themselves in several categories :
There are vampires [male] and vampiresses [female]. They can also be androgynous or gender switched, homosexual, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual. (Why is everything always about sex and gender with these people?)

They are also colloquially called “leeches”. Leeches were animals used to suck blood, the mainstay for medical practitioners for centuries and are still used in medicine today!

Vampire Categories:
• Childe Vampires:
o A prerogative term for an inexperienced vampire.
• Klavasi Vampires:
o A vampire who experiences a post-pubertal “awakening”. Most vampires
can be classified as such.
• Dhampyri Vampires:
o Those who exhibit symptoms of vampirism prior to puberty.
• Elder Vampires:
o A person who has been active in the vampire community for a lengthy interval.
• Mentor Vampires:
o An experienced vampire who guides a fledgling.
• Kindred Vampires:
o Fellow vampires.
• Auto Vampires:
o The drinking of one’s own blood.
• Adra Vampires:
o A sponsor or mentor of a “fledgling” vampire. Fledgling is a term for arecently awakened vampire.
• Black Swan vampires:
o An individual who is not a vampire, but who is close to one or morevampires. “Black Swan” vampires are often a supporter of thecommunity. The white swan vampires maybe vampires also, but they are more likely to be connected to Wicca and the goddess, the swan being one of her symbols.
• Sanguines [“Blood Junkies”]:
o These use sanguarian feeding from blood, using cutting techniques with scalpels, straight edges razors, or spring loaded needles such as those used by diabetics. This covers the whole area of self-mutilation as well. They suffer from “blood lust”, indulge in “blood play” and “blood letting” – the same practice as doctors in history used! They call themselves, Haematophilias. “Vamping out” is an extreme attack of hunger which they experience, and which may compel them to tap into the emotional energy of others in addition to consuming blood.
• Psi- or Psy- Vampires:
o These vampires feed psychically, by psychic attacks, or by energy manipulation, reaching out to with their spiritual-selves to harvest energy from one or multiple targets either using auric tendrils or astral projecting. They feed on plant energy, called “natural feeding”. They also feed on animals and astral creatures. Often their auric tendrils will simply feed on anyone and anything around them. They feed on emotional energy, pain, terror, or from ambient energy. These use “surface feeding”, skimming the surface of auras. They feed on deep feeling, where the tendril is focused accurately on one point the core of the donor’s energy, and pull it out from the deepest parts, this is describes as from the chakras. This process is often done through meditation, visualization, and making astral contact. These psychic vampires feed on “crowd” energy from large groups, perhaps this is what occult dictators like Hitler, Stalin, and Saddam Hussein got “high’ on?
• Sexual Vampires [Haematophilias, Haematodipsias]:
o They feed through sexual means or just off sexual energy, tantric “feeding” through touch, emotions, sexual, and emotional obsession, pornography, prostitution, sexual deviation, pedophilia, and sexual sadomasochism. Those that feed off this energy, call themselves “succubi” and “incubi”. This is erotic, both sexual consensual, raping vampirism, and blood bonding vampirism, which involves controlled cutting, rough sex and masochism to achieve a “primal” experience. In English, we use the word “vamp” to describe anyone who is sexually alluring.”
• Hybrid Vampires:
o These are those who use all methods.
• Curious Vampires:
o People who just try vampirism to see what it feels and tastes like.
• Extremists Vampires:
o These are religious cults, fanatics, killers, ‘snuff ‘ movie makers, body modificators, those that participate the horrifying cult of being hung through hooks in the flesh. Body gashers, those who in religious fervour whip themselves, the ‘cilice’ of Opus Die, the hair shirts of Mormons, satanic murder on alters etc. These groups indulge in pain, self inflicted pain and the pain caused to others especially defenceless children. They feed on the ‘blood high’ adrenaline released by those in severe trauma.

They might kill a human or animal just to get blood, they might drink it out of a glass or skull and offer it as part of a religious service in which they may use it to worship a diety. In the worship of Artemis ( Diana of Epheseus) her male priesthood worked themselves up into a such a trance frenzy, they would, in a bloodbath of religious fervour, self castrate themselves, lay their genitals on her alter as a supreme act of worship, and begin to dress as a woman from that point on. Self mutilation forms in integral part of many Indian rituals, the same force is behind many circumcision and tribal initiation rituals. Taken to an extreme these people become fanatics unable to distinguish reality from the fantasy, often leading to criminal, masochistic behavior and even serial killing as in the case of Elizabeth of Bathory.”
NOTE: of course here they argue that all vampyres will indulge in killing humans or animals, link us to cruelty and also link other bizarre practices such as mutilation and masochism – and oddly enough, even try to make us look “immoral” by throwing in some gender bending on the side. I find it funny that fanatics will even call us fanatics as in this case – and then throw in a name like Elizabeth of Bathory, who was at best simply insane and not truly Vampyre.
“• Incubus:
o A vampire community term for a male vampire who feeds on pranicenergy while involved in sexual activity, which includes pornography,masturbation, and so forth.
• Succubus:
o A vampire community term for a female vampire who feeds on pranicenergy while having sex.
• Stalker Vampires:
o Predatory hunters who stalk their victims.
• Pedophilic Vampires:
o Vampires who lure children”
LOL Of course, we had to expect that, considering how fixated these folks are on children – even gay people are accused by them of being pedophiles! Interesting that while we can’t “turn” anyone, they most certainly can – just leave a young impressionable kid in their care for a little while and see what you get back *wink*. So who’s after kids again, Pastor?
“• Glamour Vampires:
o Those who use glamour to seduce or lure their victims. There is also another type of Vampire the extortionist, one who preys on others financially. These financial vampires extort money, goods and resources from others and from the land.
Vampires call themselves “otherkins”, “therians”, “dragonkins”, “felinekins”, or “energy workers”. They believe that vampires need to be “turned” or “awakened”, and every vampire has from their time of birth a “beacon”, which is a spiritual marker upon their spiritual-selves that can be felt by others and that identifies a person as a vampire, or latent vampire. They learn to “discern” those with a beacon and can identify their sort, calling that recognization the “energy signature”. This energy signal generated by both vampires and latent vampires main function is to assist latent vampires to “awaken”. The ability to sense the beacon is often comically referred to as “vampdar” in reference to what the vampire community calls “gaydar”.”
There seems to be a clear misunderstanding here – as we know “Otherkin” does not refer to Vampyres perse’. And I have never ever heard of any otherkin calling themselves “dragonkins” or “felinekins” LOL.
“They call blood drinking the “blood bond”. This term also refers to the marriage between two vampires and the initiation when one joins a vampire coven. Blood givers are called “donors” for they believe that two vampires can feed on each other, but will not live a healthy life as it will cause a continual loss of energy. This is why vampires are continually looking for “new blood”. Normally, they look for what they call “outside donors”, or close and trusted friends who understand their situation.”
NOTE: Yet another error on their part – the blood bond is not any form of “marriage” – it refers to the subtle bond between those who have shared life essences with one another, either exclusively or mutually. And from what I can tell, the blood bond is life-long, far longer than most of the “marriages” they compare it to.
“Vampires can be forcefully awakened, ritually awakened, naturally awakened, or Ardetha – those awakened by magical rituals. The “awakening” is when they realize what their true condition is. Vampires use the ethical rulebook called the “Black Veil” also called the “Thirteen Rules” of community to live by. It is a form of a vampire “bible”. They use the term “coming out of the coffin” as a way to make their vampirism public. Excommunication is the vampire term for excluding a vampire from a coven or from the entire vampire community. The “haven” is the place where vampires meet and are safe. A “house” is the term for a group of vampires with common beliefs, ritual traditions, and so forth.
Vampires were believed to be most active on the eve of Saint Georges Day – April 22nd in the Julian calendar, and May 4th in the Gregorian calendar.
Matthew 12:43-45 “43 But when the unclean spirit has gone out of a man, it roams through dry [arid] places in search of rest, but it does not find any. 44 Then it says, I will go back to my house from which I came out. And when it arrives, it finds the place unoccupied, swept, put in order, and decorated. 45 Then it goes and brings with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and make their home there. And the last condition of that man becomes worse than the first. So also shall it be with this wicked generation.”
This verse so aptly describes the activity of “revenants, risen corpses or vampires”. They are, in fact, the blasphemous satanic counterfeits of the of the only True Risen Messiah, Y’shua [Jesus] Ha’Maschiah, the one who rose from the grave and is alive forever more, and Who is seated at the right hand of the Father far above all principalities and powers.”
The question I see here is: These people take us very seriously indeed – such a research paper begs the question: What are they planning to do about it?
“More than a hundred vampire songs have appeared in contemporary music in the last decade. They contain lyrics of the “undead”, nocturnal existence, famous vampires, vampire traits, being a “victim”, being chained, drained, or predatory hunger for someone else and their blood. Titles such as “Grave Digger”,’ “Bloodletting”,’ “The Beast”, “Fresh Blood”, and so forth are enough to tell us what is being pumped through our youth’s earphones and speakers, right into their deep subconscious … and yet they and we say it has no affect22.”
How arrogant and judgmental to make such harsh commentary on so many diverse cultures and religions through history, as if they know everything about it, or as if their religion is any different to any of the things they here criticize…
The book then goes on to critique shape shifters, goths and emos, Wiccans… oy, these poor Christians – they see monsters in every shadow. It must be a burden to be so paranoid.
I think some of these folks would like to return to the Burning Times so they could enforce their narrow views on everyone and pretend it was somebody else’s fault.
Notice also the attempt to link Vampirism to everything which they view as dangerous, evil and “immoral”… It is a piece of propaganda of note. Let me close with a final thought from the book:
“These Twilight movies and books have sparked a worldwide interest in vampirism. However, Y’shua our Savior has also begun to expose the dark – up to now mostly hidden – subculture of vampires, satanists, and Goths that actually exist … about which the church is in denial.
Vampirism is a religion of blood!”
Religion? As far as I know, religion is not about HAVING to feed on anything – that’s life. Being COOL, and following rules – that’s religion (and a choice).
“Food” for thought… and lastly – if they’re going to persecute Vampyres… please, please could they at least stop adding insult to injury by comparing us to the sparkly twinks in Twilight???

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