A Few Thoughts On PSI Vampires

(Originally posted on Friday 20, 2010) Psychic Vampires feed off energy. Unlike Saguinarian (or Sang) Vampires, who take the energy they need from ingesting living blood, PSI’s can take it virtually from any source. There is a great amount of diversity in this sub-section of our group. Whether it is a matter of preference as to where we source our energy is a matter for debate, but it seems to be general opinion that PSI Vampires seem to gravitate towards having a natural predilection for feeding off certain kinds of energy.

This can be compared to Mundanes preferring different flavors of milkshake – it’s all milkshake, even if it is strawberry or vanilla.

There are PSI’s for example who feed off ambient energy, elemental energy (such as weather, the ocean, thunderstorms, wind etc), white light, plant energy and of course, energy from living animals, or people.

Most PSI Vampires can draw prana (or life-force energy) from direct contact as well as from a distance, utilizing their natural pschic talents. Because of the subtle nature of the PSI Vampires need to feed, being that it doesn’t manifest openly for what it is, except perhaps to the Vampire who may or may not be feeding consciously – it is often believed to be easier for PSI Vampires to remain “closeted” – or “in the coffin” to use the popular term – than for Sanguinarian Vampires. This may be because it is rather difficult to drink blood from a friend or a lover, or even a complete stranger, without consent – and still remain on friendly terms afterwards.

PSI Vampires on the other hand, can pretty much take energy from anyone near them, anywhere any time, without even so much as giving themselves away.

So, now you’re thinking that taking energy from people isn’t as harmful as taking blood, is it? Wrong. Most willing energy donors feel tired and literally “drained” afterwards. Some are known to even pass out during PSI feeding. Although no long-term ill-effects of careful and considerate PSI feeding have been recorded, whether anyone has ever actually died from being fed upon is not known to me, but I think it may be quite possible if either Vampire or donor become careless.

PSI Vampires should take care when feeding from a willing donor – they are sharing their life-energy with you to help you sustain yourself. Few of these donors actually realize how much they are really putting their health, their essence into your hands. Wow, no pressure.

Over-feeding and even prolonged over-feeding can result in damage to their subtle (or energy) body. I am sure you are smart enough to realize that if this happens, they probably won’t want to help you anymore – and they don’t have to.

So be smart, be considerate.

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