A Basic Definition Of Real Vampyres

(Originally posted on Monday August 16, 2010) “What is a real Vampire?” “Am I a Vampire?” These are questions we hear a lot in the Vampire community. These are usually questions we dread, because we hear them so much – and end up explaining ourselves to the point of running out of breath – and patience.

Many people eagerly list “symptoms” of being a Vampire, which you can read up online in places like Sanguinarius.org or House Kheperu and others – in the hope that we will reach out, pat them on the back and say in a deep, meaningful voice “Son, you’re a Vampire”. Nobody can tell you, you are one, you just know you are. You can realize you are one, as it is a process of self-realization, and this is called awakening – when you know. EVERY established Vampire House or group out there will tell you that.

So what are we?

This of course begs the question “What is a real Vampire?” Many people produce lists of what they are going through as opposed to what they think will qualify them as a member of the club, with a corner office – and no, nine out of ten, it doesn’t fly.

The principles of these check-lists and tests are heavily influenced by fiction that says a Vampire is a supernatural being and therefore, to be a vampire you MUST have extraordinary abilities.

Being a Vampire, whether Sang or PSI is not an easy path, and it’s nothing like the fiction – “Twilight” is a good example of what people think it is like, but if only it was that good lol – it isn’t. We aren’t dead, we don’t live forever, we don’t burst into flames in sunlight, we don’t turn into mist or bats – we still have the same daily problems Mundanes have, plus a few extra – like having to deal with a need and a thirst we didn’t ask for. And on top of that, the ethical issues this poses for us. Where to feed. How to feed. Where to find donors, how to explain it to people. What will happen when they find out, etc.

The simple truth is that anyone can have above average hearing or vision or even PSI abilities. In most cases, these are things that can be enhanced or even learned – even manipulating energy can be learned.

Even being light sensitive, is not a clear indicator – sure, many of us are light sensitive, but so are many Mundanes too. And the idea that not having a father-figure in your life as a child can make you turn out to be a Vampire, is about as true as when people claim the same thing “makes” people gay – utterly ridiculous.

Whereas, to be an actual Vampire, all you really need is a naturally occurring deficiency in energy which you cannot satisfy except by taking energy either directly from outside sources, such as prana, or from living blood. Not doing this makes you ill or has other noticeable or even severe consequences which for the most part cannot be effectively treated with conventional medical methods.

If there were to be a basic, clear definition of what makes a real Vampire, then that would be it.

Anyway, that is the basic definition of what it is to be a Vampire, according to me.


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